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The Veterinarian is an Essential Partner in Senior Pet Care

Since pets typically don't outwardly complain about the changes that happen to their bodies as they age, age-related health problems can become severe before being noticed. This makes it very important for owners to be proactive in taking them to a veterinarian in Loves Park for checkups. Regular checkups allow problems to be spotted while it is still possible to provide effective treatments. In fact, some health issues are fairly easy to deal with as long as they are detected in time.

Cat getting Senior Pet Care in Loves Park.

Senior Pet Exams

While all pet exams will include basic tests, those for seniors add testing for diseases that often come with age. In pets, tests for diabetes, thyroid function, and liver and kidney function are added as time goes on. More attention will also be paid to the joints, which can become arthritic, and cardiovascular health.

How Testing is Done

For most things, a simple blood test is all that is needed for testing. The blood is sent to a lab to determine whether or not the tested attributes are in the right ranges. If it isn't, treatments are prescribed to correct this.

For possible joint problems, the joints in question may require imaging. X-rays, ultrasounds, and even CT scans can be used to find these and other problems with the joints or the surrounding tissues. Then, treatments will be suggested to correct any problems that are detected.


There are many treatments for age-related diseases in pets. Some of these are the same as the ones for humans, while others take a different approach or combine both typical medical methods with natural ones. Arthritis, for example, may be treated with common non-narcotic painkillers that are combined with remedies like SAM-e, glucosamine, or chondroitin sulfate. Natural remedies often work better in pets than people, so it is fairly common for vets to recommend them.

For some ailments, such as low thyroid output, the medicine is exactly the same as that used for humans. Even so, it is important for a veterinarian to do the monitoring and prescribing for your pet. A pet will need a different dosage and has different levels to hit, and the vet will know how to handle this.

Visit Our Vet for Senior Pet Care

To get a checkup for your senior pet, just make an appointment with us here at Animal Hospital of Loves Park in Loves Park, IL. We'll be glad to help your pet enjoy a healthy old age. Contact us today at 815-986-4445.

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